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February’s Meeting

Hey everyone, last meetup was really great! Thanks to everyone who came. This next month, we’re going to meet up at Coffee Break in SLC.

It’s 2 blocks west of the red line Trax stop. It’s a little tricky to spot, but it is next to an arby’s which helps. If you are driving, there is parking around back. What that means is you’ll need to approach the place going east, past the arbys, past coffee break, then down the tiny street immediately to the right.

The specific address is 430 East 400 South, Salt Lake City, UT. The day and time is February 4, @ 5:30pm till approximately 7:00pm. Feel free to show up late/leave early, we don’t care. As always, feel free to wear purple.

If you’re new, just head to the back of the coffee shop and look for purple people. 🙂 We mingle/hang out for awhile then have a pointed discussion about the month’s topic.

Here’s a map. (result A)

As reminder, it’s near the Trolley stop on trax, but is 2 blocks WEST of the trax red line stop. So, get off the red trax line at trolley, get on the south side of the road, and walk west a couple blocks till you see an arbys and you’re there.

See you guys there. 😀


December’s meetup

There has been some miscommunication and difficulties sorting out the last couple of month’s meetings, but we just wanted to let everyone know that Asexuality will still be having meetups. We’re trying to get through the holidays and still have our meetings but it is proving very hard with conflicting schedules and everyone being out of town.
Here is a message from Becky, the organizer of our meetings:
Hey guys, I’m sorry about the lack of communication this month. This batch of finals in school has really had my mind distracted. With that in mind, I don’t think I’ll be able to effectively organize the group this month for a meetup. By the time my brain returns to my skull it will be christmas and people will be busy. If someone has the gumption to throw a meetup together, go for it; i’ll make it if i can. Otherwise, I think it might be best to postpone the next meetup till January. Sorry again about confusion times!
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