About Asexy Utah Meetups

We are a group of few that aim to create a safe community for many. Our mission is to spread awareness and tolerance for Asexuality and create a haven for those who identify with Asexuality in any way, including gray-asexuals, demisexuals, allies and anyone who would like to learn more about this ‘invisible’ orientation.

We hold monthly meetings on the first Saturday of every month usually from 5:30pm-6:30pm in a relaxed, casual environment where we can meet other asexuals and allies as well as have interesting discussions. Meetups for the foreseeable future will be held at Salt Lake Roasting Co. in Salt Lake City. The nearest trax stop is Trolley on the Red Line. The exact address can be viewed here.

We are in the process of mapping out fun things to do and would love your input, such as movies we could watch for a film night or places to hold meetings that would be more accessible for those planning to attend. If you want to start a meetup of your own, you can email us at asexuality@gmail.com and we will add a page to this site that you can update.

If you have any feedback or question for Asexuality Utah please  don’t hesitate to contact us at asexualityutah@gmail.com!


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