Regular Meetups

Until recently, the group has gone by the name Asexy Utah Spooners, both on aven and on facebook. The name sprang from the desire to gorge on hipster frozen yogurt at the local business Spoon Me and was to be the regular location for the meetups. However, Spoon Me is no longer in business and this has caused a bit of confusion among some members as to the status of our activities in general.

Our meetups are held the first Saturday of every month at the local Coffee Break in Salt Lake City. The exact location can be found here.

Meetings start at 5:30 and last until about 7:00pm. Generally, we start by socializing, getting to know everyone, and shooting the breeze. Then we talk about topics relating to asexuality and lgbtq stuff in general. All in all it’s a light atmosphere intended to provide a safe space to speak openly about asexuality and the joys/complications of being different. We know how important it is to provide this space considering how invisible the orientation is and how alone many people feel because of it.

If you are wanting to attend but are nervous about meeting new people, feel free to email us at We can arrange for a short skype or tinychat conversation so you know someone prior to attending the meetup. We have had new people every month steadily for the past year. We’re excited to meet anyone who wants to come, allies included. So feel free to attend! We look forward to meeting you.


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